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Thursday, July 29, 2010

It'll never be the same again.....

Do you ever sit and think about the past? Stupid question, everybody does. I do more often than not. I think about how great things once were when I lived care-free. I think about the key decisions in my life and what I would change. I think about girls I should have dated and people I should have hung out with. All types of things cross my mind. But you know what? It gets depressing sometimes. I realize I will never play football again. I realize I will not be rich by 30. I realize that summers of lounging around and exploring the town with friends will never happen again....or at least not until we're all 80 and retired. But then we'll take forever with our walkers and oxygen tanks and such.

My life has changed drastically since then. Shit, I don't even hang out with, or even talk to anyone from my old crew. I only talk to one, sometimes two people that I even went to High School with on a semi-regular basis. There are many reasons for this. Me moving is one. Them having families, and me being the single guy is another. And my being a complete dick is probably yet another.

I sometimes go back home to visit. And I like seeing how most people have moved on. They have jobs and families. They are out doing well. But what is disturbing is the ones that haven't moved on. They are still stuck on some High School bullshit. Fighting, selling drugs, having babies to cash in from the government....just that petty immature shit. You see, I think about the past, but live in the present. These few are stuck in the past. It's a bit disheartening. At some point, you just have to realize, it's never going to be the same, and you have to grow as a person. Mature. Have responsibilities. Teach your children to live a better life than yourself. If everyone raised their kids to be better than them, the world would be better off. Instead, they teach them to be their little twins. And that just means a shithead is breeding another shithead. And usually the offspring shithead out-shitheads the former. And the cycle continues......

I know, this blog has taken a turn for the worse. Maybe I should start writing out blogs before posting instead of free-flowing thoughts. But then I just don't feel you'd get the real me. haha

But anyways, let me just wrap this up by saying this: You must grow as a person. The past is great, but that's what it is "the past", you can't change that. But what you can change is the future. Think about that every once in a while.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My so-called social disorder.

I admit, I do have a weird social disorder. I don't really talk to many people and tend to keep to myself. But as soon as I'm comfortable with you, you'd think I never shut up. I guess it's common. But I'm not 100% sure. I know that if I haven't talked to someone for over a year, and see them out in the streets, I won't say anything to them unless they say something first. That can't be common, right?

And another thing I hate is talking on the phone. Something about it just seems like a task to me. Plus, if we're talking and you aren't physically in front of me, I get distracted, and don't listen. And I have a hard time hearing on the phone as is. Usually I just do the "uh huh"...."yup"...."that's cool" thing until the person on the other end notices I don't give a shit and ends the call.

But in case you were wondering, my preference goes as follows..... 1. Regular mail... 2. Email ...... 3. Instant msg ....4. Text msg ....... 5. smoke signals......6. Post-It....... 7. In person ........ 8. Sky writing. And then....if need be..... phone calling

The ONLY people I really talk to on the phone are 1. My mom (because she birthed my ugly ass) and 2. Whoever I'm dating (because if I am allowed to touch your bewbs....then I can talk to you on the phone) ....and the list ends there.

The century mark!!!!

So, we are now 100 days in since the oil spill began. 180,000,000 gallons of oil swimming around the Gulf of Mexico. Once clear, blue water is now caked with a disgusting sludge that is killing wildlife as it spreads miles and miles wide. It's like that movie "The Blob" has come to true, and is sucking the life out of the Gulf. Where is Aquaman when you need him? We all laughed at that comic hero, but he could have come in handy this time around.

I guess we should at least be thankful that the spill has been capped for now. I mean, it only took them forever. What took so long? Why did they not have a cut-off valve? Or some type of back up plan in case something like this happened? Did they not have the fore site? The damages are going to take years to fix. A quarter-million birds have died, and countless fish infected. For what? Because BP didn't want to have strict regulations on their drill? I believe humans are just cocky and selfish by nature. We are going to war with other countries for something we let spill all over our own waters. Gas prices are already insane, and I don't see this helping.

But another thing is, even after the clean up is done, then what? Do they stop off-shore drilling? Well, if they do that, many people along the coast are going to lose their jobs. That's their livelihood. What then? Honestly, Louisiana can't catch a break. The only good things that happened out of there in the last 10 years seems to be one Super Bowl win and TrueBlood. Other than that, God seems to hate them. Maybe it's payback for delivering us Silkk the Shocker and No Limit in the 90's. I guess paybacks a bitch, huh?

Well, I guess we just gotta hope they can clean that area up as soon as possible and put the whole episode behind us. Keep the off-shore drilling, but tighten up the regulations and saftey features. As much as we want to, we can't "Ban B.P", I have, but the people that are employed in the company shouldn't have to suffer lost jobs for the lack of intellegence of thier bosses and CEO.

But everytime I go to BP, I will be pissing all over thier restroom. I gotta do something to make me feel better.

New aged dating.

Dating has changed over the years. It used to be that a person would ask another person they had interest in out for an event. May it be the basic dinner and a movie, or something else more outside the box and entertaining. From there, they would assess their feelings or interest in one another, and either end the courtship, or continue more into the dating world and getting to know more about each other.

Some people still do it that way, very rarely it seems, but it does happen. But more often now-a-days, it seems more likely that people will meet while drinking, have sex, and if they notice a pattern of having sex with the same person more often, and sometimes exclusively, they are considered “dating”. People really have lost touch of getting to know one another on a mental level, and just couple up purely thru physical and sexual attraction….. and sometimes out of fear of being alone. I’m starting to believe this is one of the causes of unhappy relationships and shorter marriages. People are becoming more impulsive on their mating decision, therefore, they know next to nothing of what the other person is like.

That, in turn, makes the people in the relationship more selfish. Each person basically doing their own thing and what makes them happy without regard of the other person, until they want to “get some ass”. They don’t know enough about the other person to really have a lot in common. At the beginning, both parties may bend a little here or there because they feel that’s what is expected of them and so that the sex continues. But as time goes on, and people reveal their true selves, they get tired of putting up the front, and become discouraged.

And then what? You both are unhappy. Don't want to be near each other, but for some reason, cannot "break it off". Whether it's because you have altered your living conditions so that you cannot afford to leave each other, have kids, or what have you. Then eventually someone (or both) cheats. I happens. They find the grass to be greener, and that hook up is found the same exact way the previous one was, so the cycle continues.

But sometimes, one of the two really want to get to know thier partner. Invest time in the partnership. But unless both are feeling the same way, it ends up being a futile task. And that's when people end up broken hearted. One person is there for the convience of the relationship, and one is there because they truely want the relationship. But I will have to get into that another time.....

I'm just saying. If you are serious about wanting to find someone to be with. Really get to know that person. Learn about them. Take your time. Yes, I know, life is short. But that's the point. It's too short to waste months and years and emotion on the wrong person.

Racism vs. Stereotyping

I know this topic is probably going to heat some people up, but I am tired of hearing the same old bullshit time and time again on TV, radio, and in person. People seemed to have forgotten the meaning of racist, and hide behind that word any time they are offended. Personally, I think racism is disgusting and cannot tolerate it. But on the other hand….I think stereotypes are hilarious!!!

What’s not to love about stereotypes? Most of them have no merit at all, they are just funny to say. Like saying Irish people are always drunk, or that English people smell bad and have rotted teeth. Ok…..maybe a little merit. But it’s not like that across the board, and anyone with half a wit would know this.

What brought this rant on were multiple things actually. So it wasn’t just a one time thing, and I decided I have to blog or whatever. But first, let me ask you this; is it racist when a person of color says “White people can’t dance”? Noooooooo… isn’t. That is a stereotype. I’m sure they don’t hate the white person that is attempting the running man out on the dance floor. They might hate having to have that image branded into their minds, but they don’t hate the person. Then why do people scream racist when you insist black people like chicken or Mexicans like tacos? That isn’t racist at all. Racism is having hatred for a person due to their ethnicity. I do not hate a Mexican if he likes to indulge in burritos 4 or 5 times a day, or if the line at a KFC in the Bronx is mostly African-Americans. I just snicker at how sometimes the stereotype rings true to some, and keep it moving.

True, some people get their feelings hurt over a simple stereotype. I know a few Asians that hate the “You got a small cock” jokes. And I know a few Jewish dudes that aren’t too fond of the “You cheap bastard” blasts. But it’s all in fun. It’s not done in hate. Hell, you can make fun of white dudes all damn day, as long as hate isn’t behind the words, who cares?!?! If you don’t like the stereotype, you as a community have to change that. Mexicans need to stop taking landscaping jobs…….Jewish guys have to go on massive spending sprees……Russians have to ban vodka….rednecks need to get their peckers out of their sisters…..and so on.

Oh, and you can’t pick and choose your stereotypes either! If you are black and going around basking in the “big dick” stereotype, then you have to be able to shoulder a few negative ones too! That’s only fair, right? Shit, us white guys have to deal with being the “nerdy” race most of the time. How many movies portray the black guys teaching the white guys how to be “cool”? C’mon!!! That shit is hilarious, but I don’t take offense to it. We all know that Vanilla Ice was as cool as it gets.

I know that the media is to blame for most of this. They blow any little thing out of proportion just to make news on slow days. But they don’t realize that it’s corrupting our people into thinking people hate them over some bullshit. Are some words and symbols racist? Yes. The whole “burning cross” thing was done with hate as its intent. So you can’t just start doing that and think it’s funny. It’s not. There is a line.

But jokes are jokes, and people need to lighten up. I am just fortunate enough to work with dudes that understand jokes, and can dish as well as take them. I hope that more and more people can see the difference. Joking is something that bonds people and brings them closer. Honestly, do you hate someone that you joke around with on a regular basis?

Mr. Keith's Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves:

People that know me know that I have many weird pet peeves. Some common, some….well, they are very specific to me I suppose.

-People who say “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less”. Dummy, if you COULD care less that means there is still room of not caring left.

-Shopping carts left all over the parking lot. This bothers me on so many levels. First, it proves that we, as people, are lazy and selfish. Once you are done with the cart, you couldn’t care less where you put it. Just leaving it sprawled all over the lot. The winds push them into other cars, scratching them. Second is when I pull in, thinking I got a sweet spot, just to find out at the last second I have to get out of my car to move some lazy bastards fucking cart out of my way just to pull in. Put your fucking cart back where you found it! It’s common courtesy.

-People that leave too much space between them and the car in front of them at a stop light. Yes, I know petty, right? But some people leave enough space to where I can literally parallel park in-between them! And it really ticks me off when it happens when I’m trying to make a right turn into a street and they are blocking it when they have PLENTY of room to move up and let me make my turn.

-Racism. I hate and love people of all races. It’s an individual thing; don’t hate a whole race because of the actions of a few, or your ignorant upbringing.

-People who suck at their jobs. It’s YOUR JOB! You shouldn’t completely suck at it! Have some pride. You are there for 20-40+ hours a week, you should be able to do your job pretty decent by now.

-Undisciplined children. I actually hate the parents more in this case, but c’mon, keep that little fucker in line. You know what would do the trick? I surprise beating from a complete stranger! Just let me pop that little bastard once and they’ll learn.

-The complete butchering of the English language. I admit, I’m not English major, and I do throw out some slang, Ebonics, broken dialog every now and then. But I know some people that continuously destroy the very foundation language were built upon. I even question some of their literacy. How some of these people squeeze past second grade had is beyond me. “I noe dis iz da kewl wae 2 rite, but it maks ma sond lik a idiot”

-Soulja Boy Tell’em.

-People talking about their swag too much. Honestly, when I hear swag, I think “free shit!” So, are you really bragging about your free shit? Oh, and "Pretty Boy Swag"? C'mon. are you serious? Since when was it okay for dudes to call themselves "pretty"?

-Kids bragging about what they have because their parents are wealthy. That’s like a fat chick bragging about how big her tits are. Yeah you have it, but is it really something you should be proud of?

-Guidos. They all look like the same asshole on repeat. Spiked hair, tanned, and buff more than they really need to be. Most of the time, their muscles are for not, because they can’t fight. They usually come from wealthy parents, and are complete douchebags.

-The term "Hardbody"

I'm sure there are many other things too....I guess I'll just update my list when they come to me.

Welcome to my world.....

So, I'm not even sure where to begin with this. You see, I had been a blogger in the past. I had years of blogs.....and lost them all. Why? Because they were on Myspace. And Myspace erased my profile without warning, and in doing so, deleted my hard work. That, for some reason, turned me off from wanting to blog. But then I had no where to vent, share my stories, make my observations, or reach out to my readers. So, I dabbled through other sites here and there. Posting a few, then deleting them. The passion was gone. I was finished. I no longer had it in me.

Now, here I am, two years later. Determined to not let Tom and his Myspace goons defeat me (like Facebook did to them!). I am starting up again! This time, I will be wiser. I will save copies of my blogs. I will post more often. I will write bigger and better blogs! I will overcome this setback!!!!

For the new readers. I hope you hang with me for a bit. Get to know me. Give me a chance to win you over. I may say some things you do not like or agree with. But that is just me. I keep it honest. I am sometimes out there. Let me know what you think. I'm all about interaction. Let's have some fun.

Well, now that that's out of the way......let's get to blogging!!!!!