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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another year passes. Another year ahead. I look back at my past year, and again, see that I haven’t accomplished anything. I mean, I’ve done things....had great times....checked things off my “bucket list”. Sure. But, over-all, I feel like I really haven’t accomplished anything. Well, nothing that matters, at least. This year was filled with many great times. But it also had some of my lowest times as well. But, lets not bore you with the details for now. Maybe later? Yes, I know, every blog I promise to blog more. And I never do. I don’t really have an answer as for why. I have the time. I have the topics and ideas. I just never put the two together to develop a blog. Take this one you’re reading right now for example. In my head, I’ve THOUGHT about it since as early as August 20th. See how long it took for it to actually be realized? I didn’t know what I wanted to write exactly, thought of topics I may want to touch upon. But, as days go past, those ideas slip my mind. Maybe I’ll remember them, but probably not. You know what? I will remember them. But, most likely, they will come to me while I’m driving. But then fade away again by the time I reach a destination so that I can jot the ideas down. THAT’S how it always happens. You know how some people get their greatest ideas while showering, on the toilet, or while sleeping? Mine are when I’m driving. I’m a fucking genius while behind the wheel, but then my mind shuts itself off, and I’m back to being a bumbling idiot when I park. I need to just figure out how to use Siri, and talk to that bitch while driving. But with my incoherent mumbling, I would be left having to decipher my own notes like it’s some type of new language or something. And, I’ll just end up hating myself. But, the thing about birthdays, in your mind, you feel like it’s a fresh, new year. It’s like a second New Years in which you make new goals, put new limits, and think of new ways of improving yourself. Well, unless you’re one of those January or late December birthday people, then you just don’t get that feeling....suckas. You only get that one time a year to refresh yourself in your mind. In the big picture, it’s just another day. And you can chuck a dart at a calendar and do it on any day. But, we’re humans, and we use certain marks as special days to do things. So, this is my NEW year. Will I be sitting here 365 days from now thinking “Man, I didn’t accomplish anything this past year” again? Fuck, I hope not. I need to surround myself with people that are motivated. People that will motivate me. I need to spend more time worrying about good ol’ number one and stop putting others before least to some extent. I need to wake up every morning and think to myself “How can I make my life better today?” Take life 24 hours at a time. Be prepared for tomorrow, but not to dwell on it, or wait for it. What’s that saying? Seize the day? YES! That is what I must do every d
ay! Seize that motherfucker with all I have. (I could say “Carpe Diem”, but I speak English, and I don’t see a reason to say in another language what I can in my native tongue, nor do I understand when others do it.) And when I put my head down to sleep, know that I did all I can to make the best of that day. So, with that said. I start another day. Finally shoot out another blog, and set off for a new adventure. Hopefully I find the time and motivation to keep you updated on what is going on in my world. And hopefully you’re interested in being updated on what’s going on. If not, time keeps ticking, and life goes on. For the most part.....right?