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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Natural Disasters....maybe not so natural

This whole Japan Tsunami event has people starting up their “2012” talk again. Which, as I have explained before, is utter ridiculous and I file it under the “nonsense” category. And if you bring it up, you lose all intellectual integrity in my eyes. For every action, and reaction, of this earth, there lays a perfectly good, scientific, explanation.

First, let me again, and hopefully for the last time, address the 2012 hoax. There is NO WAY this world is going to end that day. Where was it predicted? From the ancient Mayans said it. Yeah, they must be the smartest people ever…… Modern Mayans even have come out to call it bullshit. Okay, the reason behind this was because the Mayan Calendar ends in December of 2012. Did it ever occur to you that maybe they just got tired of writing days and figured they’d continue it when 2012 was within reach? Were they just supposed to keep going forever and ever? Things have to have an end, and that just happened to be the day it ended. There is absolutely no basis for that theory at all, so can we all just collectively agree to never bring it up again? Or, if you really, truly in your heart believe it, give me all your money and possessions in the days leading into it. Stand behind your words, cowards.

Okay, done with that rant. Now on to the point of me even starting this blog, the recent spike in major earthquakes and natural disasters. Many earthquakes are nothing new. We have thousands a year, just not to catastrophic and most go unnoticed. The severity is the biggest concern, and as far as I’m reading, no one has a clue why. So, I’m here to throw my uneducated thoughts into the ring and see how they marinate.


I’m no expert in oil, oil drilling, fossil fuels, or any of the mechanics of the Earth. But I think the professors of Universities and other “smart” people should take a look at the direct correlation between pulling oil out of the ground, and significance of earthquake events. I feel like we may be underestimating the need for the Earth to have much of this oil. The more oil we pull from the ground, the more dried out the Earth has become, therefore having less lubricant for the fault lines, which, in turn, make the shifts more violent. If you really think about it, it kind of makes sense, no? The friction is what is making the magnitude increase, and followed up by the insane amount of violent aftershocks.

As for the severity of hurricanes, that has to do with us killing the Earth’s supply of trees. Trees, believe it or not, have a lot to do with how the atmosphere works. And we are destroying acres upon acres a day. That has long-term affects, but the millionaires of the world are thinking more short-sighted. It’s a shame too. But that goes back to my blog about greed.

How do we fix this? Well, it’s not simple, of course. But what ever happened to us pushing for solar power? We have an abundance of free solar power. Just take a little more money to research, and use natural power. Maybe put up more windmills, or water tread things. Use that kind of power for a little. Let the Earth catch a breather for a minute. The more we pull from the Earth, the more it’s going to reject us……..

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