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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The explanation of my disgust with sluts......

So, as some of you may have noticed in previous blogs, I have an issue with slutty women. Sometimes it’s out of just comedic reasons, but deep inside, I do dislike sluts. I’ve decided to investigate my reason behind it. Well, I always KNEW my reason, but had to put it to words that others would understand.

Now, I’m not against a fling here and there, or a few one night stands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an absolute prude! My issue is more focused to the girls that go out of there way to sleep with many different guys. Girls that get desperate and go thru there phone looking for someone to come over, no matter who it is, to satisfy some unquenchable desire to get laid. Girls who thing 3 weeks without sex is a “dry spell”. Girls who, at their rate, are going to (or already have reached) the 100 man mark in partners. To me, that is plain reckless, and you probably don’t have any self respect. Sure, you might put up the front, and try and tell yourself you do, but your actions tell another story.

I know many girls like this. And I’m not saying they are bad people per se. They aren’t. Many of the sluts I know are very kind (too kind?), and giving (well, duh). They just have an issue that makes me somewhat disgusted by them. And here is my explanation why……I’m going to try and put this in the easiest way possible for you to understand.

As some of you may know, I think life is about “energy”. We thrive off it, we live by it, and all that we do is a reflection of energy. Whether it is a good or bad energy, it’s what we live off of. And a part of that energy is power. We all possess a certain power. People respect power. Many go overboard with it, but that’s life, and I’ll blog about that some other time. Okay, I’m getting off track here….let’s reel this back in.

At first meeting, women hold all the power in a relationship, be it an exclusive relationship, or a friendship. It’s this power that makes them have the ability to have men do whatever they want. Buy them things, bring them places, and help them….ect. You cannot deny that women are in complete control at this stage. BUT, as soon as they let the man sleep with them, she then transfers her power to him. Post-sex, men act differently. Sure, they may still be “nice”, but women, you can TELL there is a difference in the way they act. It’s not by accident. They are now in control. They know they have “conquered” you. Women begin developing weakness, letting guys get away with things that they wouldn’t before sex. And the more men women sleep with, the more power they are giving away and the weaker they are. Some women try to help their confidence by saying “well, I’m still getting this or that”….okay, he knows that to he can control you with money….yeah, you’re strong. No, you are still at his command. He just knows how to push your buttons to do what he wants. And once a woman sleeps with a man, for the rest of his life, no matter what the situation is, somewhere in his head, he believes that he can sleep with you. Of course, when it comes to love, that is both partners submitting to splitting power between them. Usually you can tell who’s in love because they show the same respect and affection in public as they do in private. It’s a great thing, and unfortunately not as common as you’d like to think.

I ran this by a couple women, and they tried the retort of “Some women aren’t weak; they just feel that they think they can be closer to a man if they sleep with them”. That logic is RIDICULOUS! Of course it’ll seem that way at first, but really? No shit. But really, is that really a good reason to bang everyone you go to dinner with? How about getting closer by talking? You know, having things in common. I know, that’s too much work.

Then I here the disturbing “Well, we have to be compatible in bed, so that’s why…”. That’s what men call “whore logic” behind your backs. If you’re looking for a companion, you have to know how to communicate with words. You can teach any schmuck to be good in bed. You can’t teach conversation. Besides, sex is only going to consume a tiny percentage of your time together. And if you build your relationship on “bed compatibility”, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You have to concentrate on what you’ll be doing the other 23.5 hours of the day. Once the sex passes that “new relationship” stage, you need something to stand on. Couples with great communication have much better, and longer, relationships that ones that base their relationship off of sexual compatibility.

And besides the whole weak thing, guys are very prideful. And the last thing a dude needs is to walk in the bar with you and have half the males there have been former partners. Once alcohol starts flowing, old flames try things, or say things, and sometimes that is hard to shake off. I’ve hung out with a slutty friend at a bar, and heard, no shit, 3 guys at the bar talking about how they “hit that”. And it was disturbing. They had obvious lack of respect for her. And if that was my woman, I’d be pissed at someone showing that type of disrespect to her. Of course, when she came over, they were ultra nice….like I said before, once smashed, men feel the window is always open, just need the opportunity.

Okay, now you are probably thinking I’m anti-sex. HAHA….. No, by all means, I’m not. Sex is awesome! Just don’t have sex with as many random people as possible. Hold out for someone you KNOW respects you. Make sure they person is someone that isn’t there ONLY for one thing. Shoot, if you must have a booty call, make it someone that you know really respects and cares about you, maybe someone that you get along with, but know you don’t want a long-term thing with. It’s much better than some random person that’s just looking to get a “nut off” after 1am.

I know that in this day in age, the numbers of sluts are running amuck. Sluts are spreading like zombies. In this age of MTV, internet, and so on…..the world looks like it’s turning into a slut breeding ground. Many feel like if you can’t beat them, join them. Eh….maybe that’s just how the world wants it.

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  1. this was a very interesting read and I agree with you 100%
    this is the exact reason why I've been celibate for so long. I love sex just as much as another female but there has to be something more to share with someone. I mean a dude can get sex from any female so if that's all there is, what makes me special? nothing. it just really disturbs me they way things are these days. sluts make me sick.