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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Meaning of Life

As some of you know, and many of you don’t, I think about details of life and over analyze things quite often. I like to people-watch (and animal-watch as well). And think about why they are doing what they are doing. And often I wonder about the meaning of our existence. What are we here on Earth for? I know, many have pondered this same question. Some have come up with their own theories. Religious reasons, spiritual reasons, insane reasons, and what have you. I guess I’m just going to toss my own theory into that pile.

Most live their lives focused on two things. To make money and self-fulfillment. Some may argue that the former is only used to fuel the latter. Not completely true. There are many people in the world that have all the money they need, and more than they can ever spend, yet they continue to backstab, lie, neglect and cheat just to get more. So, their goal in life is to have the numbers in their bank account higher than anyone else in their social circle, or the world. They think money gives them power. But money ends up being their weakness because they neglect everything else in life to gain that one thing. They neglect family, friends, enjoyment, and sometimes health. That’s not what life is about. Money can buy you temporary happiness, a window of joy, but unless you have other focuses, you’ll just be miserable again on that never-ending paper-chase.

The self-fulfillment part is a bit tricky to explain. Because, essentially, you should be happy, right? Yes. That is an important part of life. But some get overwhelmed by personal happiness that it has a negative affect on everyone around them. This goes back to my blog on greed. People will lie to make their self happy, even if it hurts someone else. People lie to sleep with someone else. People lie for financial gains. People lie just so they don’t feel guilty about screwing over someone else. But those lies tend to start eating away at you. And then, you’re stuck alone with your thoughts, and alas….unhappy.

Take a look at your basic wild animal. They don’t base their lives off greed. They don’t have money. They don’t possess more than they need. And they’re alive, right? So the meaning of life must apply to them as well, no? It’d be ignorant to think that life revolves solely around human beings. But that’s how we’re programmed to think.

So, in my thoughts, I have realized that life doesn’t have an end-game. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, you cannot “win” at life. The main objective is to enjoy life. Enjoy friends and family. Take in what the Earth has to offer. Gain knowledge so that you can appreciate the things around you. They often say that birth is a miracle and brings the “gift of life”. So treat it as such. It’s a gift. It is nothing more than that. Put aside all the petty bullshit surrounding your daily grind, and reflect on the greatness of it all. Think about all the shit in life that stresses you out. Like, REALLY think about it. Most of it is petty. A few money issues, sprinkle in a little “he said, she said” type crap, or a few nuisances. But in the larger scope of it all, that’s just basic bullshit that shouldn’t bother you. You still have family, friends, and even yourself to really fall back on. And honestly, if you don’t have those three things, you have to look harder at yourself and wonder why.

Me? I hardly ever have a bad week. I might have a bad day or two. But when that happens, I take time to myself and wonder why. And the answers usually become clear. And it all traces back to me. My actions, my lack of actions, and my thoughts. I know what each person in my life thinks about me and why. And if you analyze your life, and relationships within your life, you’d be able to figure it out too.

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